Race Weekend Reminders

Here are some items for you to keep in mind on the weekend of The Great Ski Race.

Bib Pickup...Due to the incoming storm, we are changing the bib pickup times. You can pick up your race package at the Tahoe Cross Country center on Wednesday (9:00 PM – 5:00 PM) and Thursday (9:00 AM – 12:00 PM) before the race, and Sunday (race day) up until 8:30 AM. We recommend that you pick up your bib before race day if possible. It’s acceptable to have someone else pick up your bib for you, too.

Traffic…While traffic may be a concern from any direction, any participants coming from Truckee should plan on alpine ski area traffic (on either HWY89 with Palisades, or HWY267 with Northstar) and plan to leave early enough (7:00AM might be a fair goal) to get to the Tahoe Cross Country center with plenty of time to spare.

Parking…Parking is limited – please carpool, and always follow the advice of any (volunteer!) parking attendants at the race start. The most convenient parking is available at the North Tahoe High School. From there it is a simple, groomed 1.2 km ski to the race start line. Or, from the high school you can take one of the 3 shuttle vans taking people to the Nordic Center. Toilets will be available at the North Tahoe High School as well.

Place for your belongings…There will be a dedicated tent available at the Tahoe Cross Country Center to leave any of your belongings while you race; please mark bags with your name and bib # as many bags look alike. Note, however, that we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Wave starts…Your bib number corresponds to your assigned start wave. Wave 1 starts at 9:00 am with subsequent waves starting 3 minutes apart (Wave 2 starts 9:03, Wave 3 starts 9:06, etc). There will be signs and race officials to direct you into the correct wave start corral. Any racer starting in the wrong wave will be disqualified. Race finish times are adjusted for each wave. All racers must be in their assigned wave start corral before 9:00 am.

Fluorocarbons…In the interest of public and environmental health The Great Ski Race is a fluorocarbon wax-free race.  Please DO NOT wax your skis with anything containing fluorocarbons.

Broken ski poles…Replacement ski poles (for those who break a pole) will be available on skier’s right side of the ski course at 0.5km, 1.0 km, and at Soup Station 1 (11km). Please return any borrowed ski poles to race officials at the finish.

Bib Number…Your race bib number must be clearly visible to all race officials. Do not block your bib number with clothing, backpacks, or water bladders. Racers with bib numbers not visible will not be included in the race results.

Snowmobilers…Please respect snowmobilers on the race course.  We are holding the Great Ski Race on multi-use trails in the Tahoe National Forest and have been granted access to share the trails with snowmobile concessionaires who have been very understanding of our need to use the trails for the day.  They will be guiding trips on Sunday and keeping their clients to one side of the trail as much as possible.  There may also be private citizens using parts of the race course and we ask that skiers treat all snowmobilers with respect and consideration, just as they will treat you. Thank you.

Turn Around Time…Soup Station 1, near the 13km mark, will be shut down and dismantled at 12:30. At 12:30 the course will be swept in both directions by Nordic Ski Patrol. Patrol 1 will turn around any skiers still coming up toward Soup Station 1 and follow them back to the start line. Patrol 2 will follow the last skiers en route to the finish line on the second half of the course.

Information and First Aid…The information booth at the race finish is coincident with the First Aid booth. Please inquire there about all things Great Ski Race, or stop by to address that nasty blister.

Lost and Found…After the race all lost and found items will be left at the Tahoe Cross Country center; please call them for help in finding you lost items. (530) 583-5475.

Race results…Official race results will be posted online by early evening race night.

Thanks for supporting the Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue team; we hope you have a great race!