The Start

The Great Ski Race® has gone from 60 racers being manually timed in 1977, to more than 600 racers with electronic timing in 1985, to more than 750 racers every year since 1993. In 2005 all records were broken, with 1109 registered racers, 1029 finishers, and the fastest mens and womens times yet!


Morning buses are by reservation only and you will need your bus ticket. Morning Buses (provided by Northstar) will run from Truckee to the Tahoe Cross Country ski area on race morning, leaving Truckee at 7:00 AM. The morning buses are by reservation only, and are limited in numbers. The price for a morning bus ride is $3, which you include when registering. Parking for the 7:00 am buses from Truckee is in the Truckee Regional Park, 10500 Old Brockway Road, across the street from Hilltop Lodge. Parking attendants will be there to direct you in.  Afternoon buses (provided by Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows) will leave Cottonwoods parking lot (finish line party) at approximately 12:00, 1:15 and 2:30 and return you to North Tahoe High School and Tahoe Cross County.  Seating is limited, but they are free and on a first come first serve basis!


There will be a drop off at the race start for personal gear (clothes, etc) that will be ready for pickup at the finish line.

Wave Starts

The start field is divided into 6 wave starts; skiers will be seeded based on past performance in TGSR. If you have not competed in TGSR you should submit a race resume in order to be seeded in a competitive (waves 1 through 3) wave. Wave 1 starts at 9:00 sharp and waves 2-6 start at 3 minute intervals after that.

If you have raced in any of the 3 previous TGSRs, we will use your best performance from those races to rank you amongst the other pre-registered racers. By performance we do not mean your best absolute finish time, since any finish time does not account for the race course conditions and so can’t be used for year to year comparisons. For example, the winning time from 2011 (1:26:17) was slow from a historical perspective (the course record is 1:06:51 from 2008), but this time difference was due (mostly) to the very slow race course conditions in 2011, and not the racer’s abilities. Thus, instead of using your absolute best time, we will use your relative “percent back” from the winner. To use the winner of each race as our anchor for year to year comparisons, we are making the assumption that in the hypothetical situation where all past TGSR winners raced together, they would all finish within seconds of each other (versus minutes).