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2021 registration is closed!

In fact, unfortunately, the 2021 The Great Ski Race is already cancelled. 

The Great Ski Race for 2021 is cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus. Tahoe Nordic Search & Rescue works months in advance of race day managing all the tangible and intangible aspects of a one day winter event with hundreds of participants. While all the preparatory work required is handled by volunteers, it would still be unfair to ask so much of so many when there is a high degree of uncertainty regarding our ability to put on the race in the large numbers required to make the event a successful fundraiser for Tahoe Nordic Search & Rescue. In the end, the day is about health and camaraderie, and there are safer ways to celebrate these facets other than 100’s of us getting together and congregating on snow during a pandemic.

The COVID-19 virus has negatively affected people, communities, businesses, and countries around the world to a profound degree, so we don’t want to blow the cancellation of the 2021 race out of proportion. This cancellation motivates us to dig deep into our collective well of imagination to figure out ways to raise funds via a means that allows you to enjoy participating and to feel a connection to Tahoe Nordic Search & Rescue’s two primary goals of conducting fast, safe rescues and educating the public on winter safety.

Keep abreast of our endeavors by following the team on Twitter or Facebook. Be safe and courteous to stay healthy and connected.

See you Sunday, March 6 @ 9AM for the 2022 The Great Ski Race!